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(Grab it on Your Way to the Doctor)

If you’re late for a doctor appointment (or if you’re dealing with an emergency), you don’t want to be searching all over the house for health information, insurance details, and lists of prescriptions. With a little work ahead of time, you can have all that information at your fingertips, ready to grab on your way out the door.

The Health Info Kit is essentially a convenient, organized, digital “container” for the medical information you might need before, during, or after a doctor visit. Click the title below to download it, fill in your information (your own or your parents’), and then store it in a binder or folder that you can grab on your way to the doctor.

Health Info Kit is a PDF form you can type your information into, save it, and then print for your records. The Health Info Kit has forms for Emergency Contact Information, Current Medications, Doctor and Pharmacy Contact Information, Health History, and more.


Things to be aware of

When you start noticing that Mom or Dad needs a little extra help with the activities of daily living, researching retirement communities is not the only option. Many people hire a private duty caregiver for a few hours at a time, and that’s enough to keep their parents safe in their own home. Private Duty refers to unskilled or unlicensed help. A Private Duty service can take care of light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, and errand-running. When you start researching Private Duty options online, you might notice that there are two basic “delivery” options for the care you’re looking for: “independent” or “agency.” An independent caregiver is someone you pay directly for care, as opposed to paying an agency.