Respite Care: A Break For You and Your Family

For those tired of dealing with the winter blahs, and the isolation that brings to so many older adults, respite care may be the answer for you.

Rest and Respite: Options for You and Your Family

a window view from a respite room

Respite care gives your loved one a break from this weather, and you get a needed rest from caregiving duties.

If you are among the millions of Americans who care for children at home as well as parents who need assistance, you know how difficult it can be to plan a family vacation. Holidays or the end of the school year can mean a change in schedules, and such changes can be difficult to juggle.

Even if you don’t have children at home anymore, vacationing away from your parents can seem like a source of stress rather than a time of restoration. It can be difficult to relax when you’re constantly wondering if Mom is okay.

Add in the winter weather and all the extra work that creates, and all the extra barriers to completing that work, and you can quickly become overwhelmed. Your parents are constantly concerned about who will take care of all the weather-related issues at home, and you are constantly stressed as you seek solutions.

Choosing Respite

The term “respite care” is well understood by senior living providers, but many consumers do not realize what respite care is or how it can benefit them.

“Respite care is a short-term stay in a retirement community, an assisted living community, or even a skilled nursing facility,” explains Marya Jordan, Community Manager of Saratoga Grove in Downers Grove. “It can be a big help for families who have summer vacation plans that require travel, and they’re worried about leaving Mom and Dad on their own.”

Providence Life Services offers respite care at most of its locations, provided that space is available. “Guests have access to all our amenities and activities,” says Jeff Zylstra, Community Manager at Royal Park Place Zeeland, Michigan. “The fitness room, any scheduled entertainment, and services from our staff — these are all available to respite guests. It’s actually like a vacation for Mom or Dad while you’re away!”

For Yourself and Your Family

Providence staff recognize that respite care is a essential— important for the good of the caregiver, as well as the rest of the family, and certainly for that older adult loved one. And it doesn’t have to be an extended vacation in order to begin seeing benefits. A few days of relief may be all you need to restore perspective, catch up on sleep, and come back to caregiving renewed and refreshed.

During these winter months, a respite stay can give mom and dad peace of mind. They don’t have to worry about walking out to the mailbox to get their mail, and they don’t have to worry about a home caregiver who can’t get to see them due to the weather. They have everything they need right at the community, and they can enjoy a winter stay. Meanwhile, you and your family can focus on dealing with the weather issues happening in your own home!

Come to Us, or We’ll Come to You

At most Providence locations, respite care in a retirement or assisted living community includes:

  • a stay in a gracious private room
  • restaurant-style meals prepared by on-site chefs
  • social activities
  • personal attention from care staff

Providence also offers in-home respite care through our Providence At Home division. A trained caregiver can check in on your parents for an hour or two each day, or as a full-time, live-in aide while you’re away.

Just What You Need

If having your parents travel with you this winter (or during any holiday season) is not an option, respite care may be just what you and your family need. But interested families should call as soon as possible, since a limited number of respite rooms are available at each location.

We’ve listed our contact information below for your convenience. Call today — then start planning your vacation!



  • Saratoga Grove Retirement and Assisted Living — Downers Grove, Illinois; (630) 971-1995
  • Victorian Village Retirement and Assisted Living — Homer Glen, Illinois; (708) 301-0800
  • Village Woods Retirement and Assisted Living — Crete, Illinois; (708) 672-6111
  • Park Place Health & Wellness Center (Assisted Living)— Elmhurst, Illinois; (630) 936-4100


  • Park Place Retirement Living — St. John, Indiana; (219) 351-5200

Or, in Indiana or Illinois, contact Providence At Home: (800) 509-2800.